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ACN*? $74.95

TFN ? $39.95

ABN ? $39.95

*Compulsory ASIC Fee $488.00



Company Constitution? $69.95

GST? $39.95

PAYG? $39.95

Workcover? $49.95

Employer Super ? $49.95

XERO Setup? $499.95



Company Return? $599.85*

BAS Lodgement? $124.95**

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*Under $1Mil Revenue & Without Financials - Prepay (3Hrs Max)
** Prepay Purchased 1 Year In Advance in 4 Pack (1Hr Max Per BAS)

Quick and Easy FREE Company Certificate Registration!

Need to know more about the certificate of registration of a company? Allow Tax Monster to guide you through the process of applying for a FREE* company registration certificate and how you need to go about getting your copy of company certificate registration.

Ready to register your company now? – Fill in our easy company registrations form here

What is a certificate of company registration?

A company registration certificate is a document containing important legal information about your company. This certificate of registration of a company states the name of your company, its ACN, the type of company it is, the date of registration, and the State or Territory the company is registered in. As soon as your company has been registered, ASIC* will send you your company registration certificate copy.

*Australian Securities and Investments Commission

How do I get my copy of company registration certificate?

When you fill out Tax Monster’s company registration form, Tax Monster will lodge your registration with the ASIC. When ASIC receives your completed application along with the correct fee they will:

  • Appoint the company an ACN (Australian Company Number)
  • Register your company. A company comes into existence as a body corporate at the beginning of the day on which ASIC registers it, and remains in existence until it is deregistered
  • Issue a Certificate of Registration. The company’s name is the name specified on this certificate

What other information will I get?

Within two days of registration, as well as your company registration certificate copy, ASIC will also issue you a unique eight-digit number associated with your company’s ACN (known as the ‘corporate key‘) to the company’s registered office address. This corporate key can be used to register your company records, lodge forms for your company, and receive annual statements online. You must include this corporate key on paper forms you lodge to change your company details, for example if you ever need to change your company’s name.

What information is included in my certificate of company registration?

The certificate of company registration states the following information:

  • The company’s name
  • The ACN (Australian Company Number)
  • Type of company
  • Date of registration
  • That the company is registered as a company under the Corporations Act 2001
  • The Australian State or Territory the company is registered in

What does a company registration certificate mean legally?

The company certificate of registration shows the company is registered as a company under the Corporations Act 2001. A certificate of registration of a company represents conclusive evidence that all of the registration requirements have been complied with. It also shows that the company was duly registered on the date specified on the certificate.

What else do I need to know about my company certificate of registration?

  • The company certificate of registration comes into existence at the beginning of the day on which it is registered
  • ASIC will also keep a copy of company registration certificate
  • Once registered, ASIC will send you your company registration certificate copy.
  • You will keep the same company certificate of registration unless you change the name of your company, in which case you will receive a new company certificate of registration from ASIC

Anything else I should know?

The Corporations Act 2001 states that if you are forming a company and are a director or secretary of that company, it is important to make sure that company officeholders know what their legal obligations are. These include:

  • ensuring company details are kept up to date
  • maintaining various registers and records
  • paying the appropriate lodgement and annual review fees to avoid late fees and non-compliance action.

The officeholders remain ultimately responsible for the company’s compliance with the Corporations Act 2001.

Company certificate of registration with Tax Monster

To register your company and to receive your company registration certificate copy, you need to fill in our new company registration form and pay the fee (Standard Government compulsory ASIC fee). You will then be sent your copy of company registration certificate.

Get your company certificate registration done today with Tax Monster!





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