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ACN*? $74.95

TFN ? $39.95

ABN ? $39.95

*Compulsory ASIC Fee $488.00



Company Constitution? $69.95

GST? $39.95

PAYG? $39.95

Workcover? $49.95

Employer Super ? $49.95

XERO Setup? $499.95



Company Return? $599.85*

BAS Lodgement? $124.95**

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*Under $1Mil Revenue & Without Financials - Prepay (3Hrs Max)
** Prepay Purchased 1 Year In Advance in 4 Pack (1Hr Max Per BAS)

Forming A Company In Australia – FREE Registration!*

Want to know about company formations and company registration format? Confused about company registration number format? Allow Tax Monster to assist…

How to form a company in Australia

By law, all companies in Australia need to register with the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). If you want to form a company, you can find the application form for company registrations directly from ASIC, and then send it to ASIC through the post.

HOWEVER, for FREE* Tax Monster will do this for you. Now, isn’t that an offer you can’t refuse? Fill out our new company registration form for Forming a Company in Australia in just a few easy steps!

You may have heard confusing information about company registration number format, ACN, ABN, PAYG, GST and just want a few things clarified before you fill out our new company registration form – don’t worry, we can do that too. Just give us a call.

Why form a company online?

So why form a company online, you may be wondering. If you are close to forming a company in Australia, chances are you’ll be keen to get up and running and start functioning as a business. You won’t want to be messing around with bits of paper and envelopes. Tax Monster makes company formations easy. By filling out our new company registration form, you can form a company online in a matter of minutes!

Application form for forming a company in Australia.

Tax Monster’s application form for company registration is straightforward and will ask you to provide the following as a first step:

  • Whether you wish to register a Company Name, Trust Name or Business Name
  • (If you want to register a Business Name, whether this is for one or two years)
  • Your Company Name
  • Your Contact Details
  • Your Login Details (we need your email address, plus you will be asked to choose a password)
  • Your Registered Address

Fill out the form here and register your company today!

Forming a company in Australia

When you fill out Tax Monster’s new company registration form, Tax Monster will lodge your registration with the ASIC. When ASIC receives your completed application and fee, they will:

  • Issue an ACN (Australian Company Number)
  • Register your company. A company comes into existence as a body corporate at the beginning of the day on which ASIC registers it, and remains in existence until it is deregistered
  • Issue a Certificate of Registration.

Still confused about ABN, ACN, company registration forms and company registration number formats? Read on…

Company registration format

Confused about your company registration number format? Here’s how your company registration format works: Within two days of registration, the ASIC will issue a unique eight-digit number associated with your company’s ACN (known as the ‘corporate key‘) to the address you have designated as the company’s registered office address.

Your corporate key can then be used to view your company records, lodge forms for your company and receive annual statements online.

So what is an ACN (Australian Company Number)?

The ACN is a unique, nine-digit number that the business uses for a range of purposes. The ACN is shown on all documents when carrying out business.

So what is an ABN (Australian Business Number)?

The ABN is another type of business identifier. It is used for interactions with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and other government agencies. It is not obligatory for your company to have an ABN. However, it does make certain business and tax transactions easier.

Clearer? You are now all set to fill out our handy application form for company registration

Company formations with Tax Monster

Tax Monster only employs fully qualified accountants that are ready and waiting to help you with all your company registration forms, tax matters, accounting – and more! Company registration forms do not have to be a nightmare, and tax does not have to be taxing. We know everything there is to know about how to form a company in Australia, and are ready to help your business out today.

If you have any more questions about forming a company in Australia, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our qualified staff members by calling 1300 829 666.





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