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ACN*? $74.95

TFN ? $39.95

ABN ? $39.95

*Compulsory ASIC Fee $479.00



Company Constitution? $69.95

GST? $39.95

PAYG? $39.95

Workcover? $49.95

Employer Super ? $49.95

XERO Setup? $499.95



Company Return? $599.85*

BAS Lodgement? $124.95**

"We want you as an Accounting Client - That's why it's FREE!"

*Under $1Mil Revenue & Without Financials - Prepay (3Hrs Max)
** Prepay Purchased 1 Year In Advance in 4 Pack (1Hr Max Per BAS)

Register A Company Online From Tax Monster – FREE ACN Registration.*

Have you got a business idea that you’re itching to get off the ground? We’re here to help. Setting up a company and setting up a company name is a breeze with Tax Monster.

Tax Monster Company Registrations

Tax Monster online registration service provides a fast, easy and totally automated way to set up a corporate structure. Our easy-to-use cloud based system is designed to get your business on Australia’s company register as quickly as possible.

Want to be on the Australian Companies Register? Tax Monster charges nothing in fees to set up your new company, but we must charge the Standard Compulsory Government ASIC* Fee.

*Australian Securities & Investments Commission

How to register a company details

The process of registering as a company is completed in a few easy steps using Tax Monster’s quick form. You simply choose a name for your business, complete the form then pay by credit card. You needn’t worry about the cost to register a company, as Tax Monster charges nothing for our fees (but we have to charge the Compulsory Government Standard ASIC Fee).

What happens next?

When a company is registered under the Corporations Act 2001, it is automatically registered as an Australian company and entered onto the companies register. This means it can conduct business throughout Australia without needing to register in individual State and Territory jurisdictions. Get your business onto Australia’s company register by filling in our easy form now. The companies register is waiting for you!

What is the cost to register a company?

The cost to register a company, and to register company details with ASIC, starts from $469 ($469 is ASIC’s fee, with just $0 charged by Tax Monster to process your application). Tax Monster’s prices are more competitive than other tax specialists helping you register a company online – and it’s significantly easier than going through ASIC yourself. For a full list of our services and our most up-to-date prices, please visit this page.

To register your company online today, just fill out Tax Monster’s register company form.

Company Name Registration

How to register company names:

  • A company name must indicate the company’s legal status (for example, a proprietary company must have ‘Proprietary’ or ‘Pty’ in its name)
  • A company name must also include the liability of its members (e.g. if liability is limited the company name must end with ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’)
  • You cannot choose a name that is already registered to a company or business
  • There are certain words and phrases that are not allowed (for example: university, chartered, building society)
  • A company name cannot be offensive or suggest illegal activity

Use Tax Monster’s company and business name search tool (at the top of this page!) to check the availability of your proposed name before proceeding with company name registration.

Setting up a company – four easy steps

1   Choose a great name. Use our free name search tool to ensure the company register does not already include the name you want for your business!

2   Complete our form. You can also register for ABN, TFN, GST and PAYG.

3   Pay by credit card. Tax Monster charges just $0 for registering as a company, but we must charge the standard compulsory government ASIC fee.

4   Company registration complete! You are now free to get on with business.  Registering as a company could not be more straightforward than with Tax Monster.

Why use Tax Monster to register companies?

  • We produce quality legal documents provided by Irish Bentley Lawyers
  • Online ordering – easy-to-navigate online portal
  • Quick turnaround – direct electronic lodgement with ASIC
  • Quick download available after we register company details with ASIC
  • $0 company fee – cheapest in Australia (plus compulsory standard government ASIC fee)

Setting up a company is pain-free with Tax Monster’s easy online service!

Tax Monster – Company Registration Services

Tax Monster – other services

  • XERO & MYOB set-up from $499.95
  • Company Tax Returns from $399.90* (*Below $75k Revenue
    & Without Financials – Non GST Registered Cost)
  • BAS Lodgement pack $499.80 ( 4 x Quarterly BAS at a discounted prepay cost of $124.95 each when paid upfront annually)
  • Bookkeeping packages from $79.90* (Bronze Pack – 2 Hours of Bookkeeping – $39.95 Per Hour paid 4 weeks in advance)

For more information and advice on how to register company details with ASIC,
simply call Tax Monster on 1300 829 666





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