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Have you been a temporary resident in Australia and now permanently left? Then we may have some good news for you. It is likely you are eligible to claim a superannuation tax refund from the Australian Tax Office. If you have worked in Australia and earned $450 or more, your employer will have paid around a tenth of your salary into a superannuation fund designed to support you when you have retired. To know how Tax Monster can help in claiming superannuation early, read on!

Does claiming superannuation apply to me?

For every resident of Australia, employers are obliged by law to pay about 10% of the salary earned into a superannuation fund for the employee’s retirement. These payments are referred to as super guarantee contributions or concessional contributions. If you were a temporary resident you will be not be retiring in Australia and qualify for early release of superannuation. You can therefore claim a superannuation refund as soon as you leave the country through the ATO.

Sound good? Allow us to help you. Claiming your superannuation refund through Tax Monster is quick and easy, thanks to our revolutionary cloud-based services designed to take the trouble out of tax. To discover how to claim superannuation tax, just give Tax Monster a call and speak to one of our friendly accountants.

Who can claim superannuation in Australia?

Superannuation claims are made once a temporary resident has left Australia permanently, and their Australian visa has expired. It does not make a difference whether you were classed as a tax resident while in Australia. Anybody who has worked here, and then left, can claim superannuation in Australia.

Please note: Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens and permanent Australian residents cannot make superannuation claims.

How to claim your superannuation

To claim superannuation tax back, when you leave Australia and file your final tax return, tick the box on the tax refund application form, sign the Power of Attorney form and provide the documents listed. Alternatively you can use an accountancy firm such as Tax Monster to make your superannuation claim. This is the easiest solution because it means all the work is done for you. For an easy life, allow Tax Monster to deal with claiming superannuation.

How much will I get back from my superannuation claim?

Once you claim superannuation in Australia, you will be paid what is called a departing Australia superannuation payment, or DASP. The amount paid out depends on the amount of time you worked in Australia, and how much money you earned. The sum you paid in is not the amount paid back. This is because various charges have to come out before the DASP is calculated. The average superannuation payout is over $3,000.The money will be posted to your address outside Australia in the form of a cheque.

How Tax Monster can help

Need help claiming superannuation? Thinking about how to claim your superannuation once you have left Australia can be tiresome, especially when you have moved on to other things. You won’t want to spend your precious time claiming your superannuation. But you will no doubt be keen to learn how to claim superannuation tax back in order to get your hands on what is rightfully yours. Many former temporary Australia residents elect to use an agent such as Tax Monster to fill out their superannuation claim form because it less stressful and time-consuming. No more having to know your balance or TFN (Taxation File Number) We will walk you through the entire process. If you have any doubts about how to claim your superannuation, simply give us a call and chat with one of our qualified accountants.

Why claim superannuation with Tax Monster?

Tax Monster has helped countless former temporary Australia residents learn how to claim superannuation tax back. This includes backpackers refunds along with every other type of worker. Tax Monster’s cloud-based platform is designed to make life easy for anyone who has left Australia and needs to claim superannuation refunds. Claiming superannuation with Tax Monster is so easy, thanks to a service that is:

  • Great value
  • Easy
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Friendly

Claiming your superannuation with Tax Monster

Tax Monster makes departing Australia super payments easy! Our team of CPA-qualified accountants are on hand to help you carry out your superannuation claim. We work hard to make sure all your queries on how to claim your superannuation are fully met. Our services include (but are by no means limited to):

  • How to claim superannuation
  • All other tax-related matters
  • Providing solutions that minimize your taxes
  • Cloud-based accounting
  • Traditional accounting and bookkeeping services




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