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Melbourne Trust Tax Returns Lodge Service - $599.85*


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Tax Return Service




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Tax Return Service



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Looking for an Accountant or Tax Agent to help lodge your Trust Tax Return?

If you have a trust structure to protect your assets, or are thinking of creating one, you’ll need to lodge a trust tax return each financial year. This is so the ATO can ensure your trust structure is tax compliant and is paying all taxes it is required to. However, depending on how well your trust is structured and whether you have employed experienced accountants or lawyers to draft your trust deed, the amount of tax you may have to pay can be minimized.

Tax Monster’s service extends to creating and managing trusts, as well as lodging returns through our Melbourne Trust Tax Returns Lodge Service. Our efficient systems, utilisation of the latest in accounting technology and simple procedures means we can offer our customers affordable prices, giving everyone the option of starting a trust where it is suitable for them (not just the filthy rich!). Our specialist trust accountants can assess your tax situation and recommend a structure that will benefit your family or business.

If you need to lodge an ATO Trust Tax Return or Family Trust Tax Return from the following years then speak to Tax Monster. We can speak to the ATO directly and try to help you avoid any fines for late tax returns filed using our Melbourne Trust Tax Returns Lodge Service.

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Due date for Melbourne Trust Tax Returns Lodgment below

Trust Tax Return 2017 - Due October 31st 2017
Trust Tax Return 2016 - Due October 31st 2016
Trust Tax Return 2015 - OVERDUE
Trust Tax Return 2014 - OVERDUE
Trust Tax Return 2013 - OVERDUE
Trust Tax Return 2012 - OVERDUE
Trust Tax Return 2011 - OVERDUE

Starting from just $599.85* Tax Monster can help keep your trust ATO compliant.
Give us a call today for a free consultation on what is needed to file your Trust
Tax Return correctly with our Sydney Trust Tax Returns Lodge Service!

What is a Trust?

A trust is a relationship where a person (the Trustee) is under an obligation to hold property for the benefit of other persons (the Beneficiaries). The terms of the obligation are set out by the Trust Deed entered into between the Trustee and the Settlor. The settlor being the person who “settles” the trust by providing the settled sum to the Trustee. For a trust to exist there must be trust property, and providing a settled sum is the way most trusts begin. The Trustee is the legal owner of the trust property and the beneficiaries hold the beneficial interest in the trust property.

It is a bit of a myth that trust structures are only beneficial for the super rich. While yes, those with a lot of assets employ trust structures to protect their property you don’t necessarily need to have a pile of assets for a trust to work for you. Talking to your Tax Monster trust specialist will help to determine whether this type of structure can work for you, and how your trust deed should be worded to afford the maximise benefits a trust can offer.

What are the benefits of having a trust structure for my family?

Protecting your wealth for future years is often the biggest motivation for people to set up trusts. Many Australian’s own residential and commercial property for either personal use or security for their retirement. If you are wanting to protect this property from creditors, or ensure your children or grandchildren are able to benefit from your investments in the future, a trust can help secure this.

Property and assets can be moved into a trust for protection from creditors, to maintain an estate until a beneficiary becomes old enough to have legal possession, or isolate valuable assets from a trading company that may be more exposed to litigation, for example.

Trusts can also help to legally minimise some tax liabilities. While it is a tricky area, with the taxman always out to close any perceived loopholes, there are particular strategies that your Tax Monster accountant can help you to employ in the structure of your trust to alleviate your tax burden.

There are different tax structures designed to suit different circumstances, and the advice of your Tax Monster accountant will go a long way in ensuring your family’s assets are appropriately protected.

Is a Trust right for me?

While Tax Monster offers an affordable service for the creation, management and lodging of tax returns through our Melbourne Trust Tax Returns Lodge Service, it is important to weigh up whether the financial benefits of having a trust outweigh the costs of maintaining one. Professional advice for trust experts, like at Tax Monster, ensures your going into a trust for the right reasons and that you, your family and business will benefit from this type of structure.

Relationships are a key part to making sure a trust works properly - disgruntled family members or skeptical trustees can create a whole bunch of unwanted problems. That’s why you want an experienced trust accountant properly assessing your situation, including your family dynamic, to determine what trust structure, if any, suits you.

Our tax monster accountants take a holistic approach when assessing customer's tax and financial status to find a solution to adequately meet their goals. Maybe we will consider something you hadn’t thought of, or provide a different solution where we think your current strategy isn’t properly servicing your goals.

Give our experienced CPA certified Trust Tax Return Accountants a call today on 1300 829 666 where you’ll learn everything you need to know about our Trust Setup and Management Packages and whether these will work for you!

Tax Monster and Trust Accounting

From the start Tax Monster can help you get a Trust that will distribute your income, manage and minimise taxes and create structures to maximise long-term wealth and asset protection. Some of the trust accounting services we provide include:
- Trust Tax Returns
- Estate Trust Tax Return
- Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts
- Arranging Structures for long term planning and asset protection
- Manage your existing trust set ups
- Advice on how to best distribute your income for tax advantages

Lodging your trust tax returns with our Melbourne service offers affordability and efficiency. Unlike other accounting companies, we won’t charge for excessive hours as we would rather get your tax return lodged quickly and accurately. Your Tax Monster trust specialist can prepare trust tax returns and provide a full range of business taxation services and ongoing financial planning.

What is a Trust Tax Return?

A trust is, in theory, it’s own legal entity and as such has tax obligations just like a business. For a trust to be legally recognised it must have its own tax file number for lodging its annual tax return and must show all income and deductions of the business, plus any distributions to its beneficiaries. It must also have its own ABN, and be registered for GST if its annual turnover is $750,000 or more ($150,000 for non-profit organisations).

Depending on how the trust deed is worded, a trust may be liable to pay tax. Where the trust income is distributed to adult resident beneficiaries, the trust is not liable to pay tax rather the beneficiaries will need to declare this as income on their tax return with tax charged at their personal tax rates. This may be well below the top marginal rate which the trust itself would be taxed at (47%).

As like any business the income of a trust is taxed, whether that be through the beneficiaries or the trustees. These obligations mean a trust must lodge a tax return for a trust each year as stipulated by the ATO. Note that this is separate from your individual income tax return.

Our CPA Trust Tax Return specialist accountants have many years experience in lodging correct and compliant Trust Tax Returns. Our region specific Melbourne Trust Tax Returns Lodge Service has helped families and companies in Victoria realise their financial goals and ensure security for their assets through our Trust Accounting packages.

Tax Monster is a tax specialist that provides Trust Tax Returns and provides a full range of business taxation services and ongoing financial advice & services. See our full list of Products & Services here, or call us for a FREE phone consultation on 1300 829 666




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